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New Twitter Worm On The Loose!

Social media enthusiasts beware, there is a new Twitter worm on the loose and it is looking to infect you! The new worm has already spread quickly this morning by pretending to tell users who has “unfollowed” them. Quite genius if you think about about how wrapped up some of us are with ourselves.

The Twitter app first gains access to the user’s account by using Twitter’s standard authentication mechanism. The worm then attaches terms to every trending tweet on Twitter, making sure that the messages get seen by a wider audience. Graham Cluley from Sophos Security took a closer look at the mechanism of the worm. He found that the worm brings up an online survey that pretends to offer users the chance to win a free iPad 2 or Gucci shopping spree, instead of telling users who unfollowed them.

With the online survey up, the scammers make money each time one of the surveys is completed, due to obtaining contact details. If you’ve fallen prey to this scam, you should immediately go into your Twitter account, go to Settings, then Connections, and revoke access to the application. The worm currently uses names such as “App Services, Follow Finger, and Data Machine” but might go by other names as well. Stay safe, and remember, worms are for birds, not you!

Photo Courtesy of Laughing Squid
Photo Courtesy of CarrotCreative