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AVG Claims Android Is #1 Target For Malware

AVG has recently published it’s Community Powered Threat Report for Q1, 2011 and has determined increased risk towards Android users. The reason the Android operating system is more at risk than other mobile operating systems is due in part to the open-source aspect of the OS. Compared to Apple’s iOS, Android users can install software outside of the Android Market store, which makes it a prime target to infect.

AVG claims in it’s report that its Mobilation for Android software has helped prevent users from downloading over 10,000 infected apps, each day. The company noted also an increase in spam and phishing attacks aimed at smartphone users, in particular, Android users. The company claims to have blocked an average of 100,000 malicious e-mail and text messages per day. AVG recommends users to engage in cloud-based services to back up their devices rather than install bulky protection tools on the device itself, noting the limited hardware resources a smartphone has.

Does this make me afraid of being an Android user? No, it does not. I believe a little common sense can go along way when it comes to maintaining any computer, whether smartphone or PC. Be careful of what you download, and even more careful of what you install! If you notice any strange “behavior” on your Android device, consider doing a factory reset. In essence, stay vigilant, and you should be A-okay.

Photo Courtesy of Miki Y