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Enjoy Crackle On Your iPad, 100% Free

Sony has released the Crackle app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch this past Monday. The new application allows consumers to stream full-length movies and television shows to their respective Apple devices, for free. That’s right, users can enjoy unlimited, on demand viewing for free. The app comes as an extension of the www.crackle.com website it streams movies and television episodes at the cost of the viewer watching a couple of commercials. If you’ve already connected the dots, this service is very similar to Hulu.

Crackle offers a comprehensive list of over 200 movies from Sony labels. The movies and shows are cycled periodically so check back often to see if your new favorite show made it to the [small] screen. Users will also be able to enjoy a queue that allows them to organize and manage their digital content, with the option to stream in WiFi or 3G.

Crackle was originally named Grouper Networks and is a San Francisco based company that has since relocated to Culver City, right by Sony. Crackle has also opened to the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia since 2010, reaching a much wider audience. Let us know if you’re thinking about trying the service and give us your thoughts in the comments section.

Photo Courtesy of Chris Messina
Photo Courtesy of Mister Beam