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Love Windows 7, But Want Lion’s Interface? Skin it!

If you love Windows 7 but have always wanted to own a Mac without emptying out your wallet, hear this, there is now an easy-to-install skin just for you! The skin comes part of a transformation pack, making Windows 7 look like OS X Lion, without losing any functionality! You can get it at DeviantArt from the uploader, hameddanger.

Before installing, users should take a number of precautions, one of which making sure they create a system restore in case anything goes wrong. The other is to make sure to have their laptop plugged in if they will be making the transformation on a mobile device. The theme pack is sure to modify a number of core files, leaving the chance of corruption which is why you’ll want to back up your important files. Fortunately, the OS X Lion skin works on 32-bit and 64-bit so there should be no excuse not to install it, unless of course you love the Windows-interface!

I do not know how much memory the skin eats up, so I cannot comment on efficient use of computer resources. To install, users simply download a package and basically proceed through the installation by clicking “next.” The user will then need to restart the computer and begin enjoying the new user interface. There are some minor glitches when it comes to borders, such as around a web browser, but aside from that, it works great.

Photo Courtesy of Louis Volant
Photo Courtesy of punkrockscience