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128GB Smartphones Coming Later This Year?

Toshiba has recently revealed a 19 nanometer NAND flash memory (not pictured) which leads to some very promising results in the wireless industry. Such a small chip would lead to a high capacity smartphone or tablet. The ultra small size allows 16 chips to be stacked one upon the other, at 8GB per chip and two bits per cell. If you do the math, 8GB multiplied by 16 equals 128GB.

This technology can even lead to three-bits-per cell stacking for future developments. Even though the technology is brand new, it is already being handed out to companies through test samples and is expected to be in large-scale production during the summer of 2011.

Currently, only Toshiba (of course they would use their own technology) and Apple seem to be the big recipients in integrating this technology in their future devices. This could mean big gains for Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5 as well as the iPod lineup. Even though a 128GB device is sure to empty your pocket, this recent technology will likely make 64GB solutions cheaper, which is plenty of storage for the average consumer. Currently, 32GB is the highest level of storage one can purchase for a phone, but I expect that will all change this year.

Photo Courtesy of TurkGuy0319
Photo Courtesy of Uwe Hermann