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Sharp Designs Small Sized LCD Panels For Smartphones

The LCD screen is undoubtedly one of the largest factors that drains the battery life of technologies. Whether it’s a smartphone or a tablet, we have to be constantly aware of how much battery is left on the device. For example, I always question if it is a good idea to kill time by playing games on my phone for fear of battery drain and missing an important call.

Sharp has recently stated that they will develop the world’s first small and medium sized LCD panels, using a new oxide semiconductor. Sharp will develop these screens (not pictured) at the Kameyama Plant sometime this year. We can expect the small and medium sized panels to be integrated into smartphones and tablets sometime in 2012.

The Sharp panels will also be using Ingazno material in the thin-film transistor, and will be the first screens in the world to make use of this technology. The panels will be energy efficient, leading to a longer battery life. The efficiency comes from downsizing a transistor and increasing the light transmittance for each pixel. The screens will also use 8th generation glass substrates and will be cost competitive. It is not yet sure how much battery life savings this new technology will place on tech devices, but it will definitely have an impact on some level.

Photo Courtesy of R Berteig