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Verizon Activates 260,000 HTC Thunderbolts In Two Weeks

Verizon is enjoying hot sales in the company’s many stores, both online and offline. Verizon has activated 260,000 HTC Thunderbolts over the course of two weeks, and 2.2 million iPhones over the course of seven weeks. The Verizon iPhone is flying off the shelves, at a much faster rate than AT&T’s iPhone. Not only do I expect this has to do with the long awaited desire to own an iPhone but also due to Verizon’s significantly better network, at least until AT&T officially integrates with T-Mobile.

In comparison with AT&T’s sales of about 40,000 a day, Verizon enjoys 12,000 more iphone sales (52,380) on a daily basis. The HTC Thunderbolt seems to be “the thing to get” for Verizon customers who don’t feel like taking the Apple route. For every two people that activate a Verizon iPhone, one decides to get a Thunderbolt. Recent HTC sales are perhaps indicative of the company’s future success in wireless communications.

Granted, the company has been around for quite a while, but with the adoption of Android OS, I feel that the beautiful hardware and design is no longer weighed down by the bulky, laggy, bug-prone Windows Mobile OS. HTC has finally lifted a huge weight off its shoulders, and we are seeing them rise to the top. I expect HTC will overtake Apple, eventually. Check out the videos below to zoom in on the HTC Thunderbolt!

Photo Courtesy of Android Central
Photo Courtesy of eliu500