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View WiFi Signals In Terms Of White Light (Video Proof)

Norway design researchers are working on displaying the material and spatial qualities of WiFi networks through light, demonstrating signal strength in long-exposure photographs. The researchers have built a tall wooden probe, measuring four meters high, a WiFi module, and used 80 LEDS.

The 80 LEDs run a length that pulses and raises based on the strength of a specified WiFi network. After three weeks of hard work in Oslo, Norway, the pulsing lights have created a physical representation of the invisible world of WiFi networks. I find it fascinating that we finally get some insight as to what we are surrounded with each day, wireless radiation.

The designers claim that the visualizations show how networks are shaped by the environment and influence how spaces in urban territory can be used. Take a look at the video to see how the “light paintings” are transformed by the landscape. The team hopes to further their research with the 3G, GSM, and radio signals. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section. Do you think 3G, GSM, or Radio signals will have different results?

Photo Courtesy of Prashant M.
Photo Courtesy of Florian