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Razer’s Hydra Controllers Now Available!

Razer set out launch plans for the all-new Hydra, a dual-stick motion game controller. The controller looks similar to the Wii remote by design, but is black by default (as shown in the photos). Consumers can pre-order the remote controller for $140, with an estimated time arrival of June. A full version of Portal 2 comes with that price tag, making you ultimately pay about $90 for the remote set.

If you already have Portal 2, well then you’re out of luck, I don’t think they will be offering $50 credits to those who already own the game. Please note however, that Portal 2 will give access to a special Hydra-enabled add-on that allows users to move and spin mirror boxes and other objects that can be picked up throughout the game.

The system works with a pair of magnetic sensor wands that each have analog sticks, triggers, bumpers, and face buttons. The controllers are limited to a 12 feet range. The base station coordinates both controllers and is able to track six degrees of movement up to movements as small as 1mm. There are currently about 125 games that will support the controllers, with Portal 2 being the only game specifically designed for them. Gamers will be able to adjust controller sensitivity, and wired versions are soon to arrive. Check out the videos below to view Portal 2 gameplay with the Razer Hydra, without commentary, and with.

Photo Courtesy of MacNN
Photo Courtesy of MacNN