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United States Army Will Use Android Smartphones

In a world that doesn’t, DROID DOES. The United States Army wants every soldier to carry an Android smartphone. A prototype running Android that is called the Joint Battle Command-Platform, is being developed by a tech nonprofit, MITRE, and is undergoing tests.

The development kit supporting it is called the Mobile/Handheld Computing Environment and will be released to app creators in July, according to the U.S. army. The envisioned applications for the JBC-Platform will run a wide scale of tasks. There will definitely be a mapping function and a Blue Force Tracker program that will keep tabs on the locations of friendly forces. There will also be a feature called “Critical Messaging” that will exchange vital data such as medevac requests on the ground. The Army will also be working on improved data security measures to ensure that secret data, stays….secret.

Other problems remaining to be solved is how the soldiers will use these smartphones in combat situations where connectivity is low. All in all, the current prototype has many tests to undergo, before an official determination can be made, but the Android phone remains a top pick for the US, especially since it is based on an open source platform. Personally, I am glad that the U.S. won’t be choosing proprietary Apple hardware.

Photo Courtesy of GraniteGrok
Photo Courtesy of trackrecord