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Apple’s Cloud Music Platform, Coming Soon!

Apple sources have recently reported that it will soon release an online music storage cloud-based service. The launch is expected to arrive before Google’s version of cloud-based solutions. With Apple’s new online storage system, iTunes users will be able to store music on a remote server while given the rights to access their songs from different devices. Although Apple hasn’t yet signed any licenses with record labels regarding this service, many are eager to begin the talks.

We are left to find out if Apple’s version will beat Amazon’s Cloud Drive music storage system. Google was expected to launch its own cloud service back in December of 2010 but fell behind schedule due to new licensing for a subscription service. Google is currently in talks with Sony Music, Warner Music, Universal, and EMI about its future platform.

Google has also been busy with a number of lawsuits and renewable investments to fully dedicate its resources for a reliable launch date. If the next iPod really does have wireless sync, as mentioned in an earlier blog, an Apple Cloud Music platform would suit the iPod rather nicely and would perhaps spark a boost in iPod sales. As more of technology’s key players move towards cloud-based solutions, we see ourselves entering a new era of computing, one that is mobile. Take a look at the video below to see how Amazon’s Cloud-based Music service works.

Photo Courtesy of Freimut
Photo Courtesy of Dan Taylor