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Introducing The 16.2MP, Sony NEX C3

With summer just around the corner, consumers are looking for reliable, high-powered cameras that will allow them to take the best snapshots of their upcoming summer vacation. And you know, with a brand like Sony, you’re not likely to be let down. Sony has unleashed some information about the upcoming NEX C3.

This gorgeous device brings together elements of “classic tradition” with futuristic components. Together, the two vibes interweave to bring you a beautiful 16.2MP camera that supports 720p HD video recording and captures the most important photos in your life. The popout LCD screen provides excellent views for those low-angle shots with an intuitive and simple button configuration. You’re not going to need a complex instruction manual to learn how to use this beauty.

Intuition alone, should be enough to get you on your way to snapping lifelong memories! Sony has left us with little information on battery life and further specs. Information about pricing and a launch date is also lacking. However, even without the details, this camera sure leaves you wanting more. I will definitely be looking out for this bad boy when it comes out. Is the NEX C3 something you’d be willing to wait for?

Photo Courtesy of UberGizmo
Photo Courtesy of UberGizmo