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Gree Acquires OpenFeint For $104M- Brings User Base To 100M

OpenFeint is the largest mobile social gaming network in the United States and carries 75 million users (both Android and iOS). The service, although very popular, will be managed under new hands. Japanese social gaming leader Gree, has acquired OpenFeint, bringing its total user count to 100 million users.

Gree invested $104 million in this purchase, not including the money it plans to spend on improving OpenFeint. Gree hopes to improve OpenFeint’s “ecosystem” by going global. Fans of OpenFeint will be pleased to hear that the OpenFeint team will remain intact as Gree will be hiring the current employees, including the CEO and founder, Jason Citron.

Essentially, the success of OpenFeint will remain largely the same, the only difference being the executive decisions made from the top, Gree. Although this merge is likely to bring a large improvement to gamers worldwide, some are worried that a monopoly is in place. Unfortunately, this is the game of capitalism and we have to play the game, despite some of its drawbacks. All we can do is hope for the best, and keep on gaming!

Photo Courtesy of GoAndroidApps