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Hi-jacked Wi-Fi; Innocent Man Accused Of Child Pornography

A man from Buffalo, New York had his house stormed early in the morning with assault weapons fully drawn. While the innocent man was lying on the floor, police called him a pedophile and pornographer. What came as complete shock and disbelief at first, soon became a realization that someone must have used his unprotected wireless router.

The police insisted the man was the “creep” and that the innocent man had downloaded thousands of images late the previous night, under the screen name “Doldrum.” Lesson learned, password-protect your routers, people! Police seized the innocent individual’s desktop computer along with his wife’s iPads and iPhones.

Within three days, the investigators had determined that the man had been telling the truth and a week later agents arrested a 25-year old neighbor and charged him with distribution of child pornography. While the case is pending, this isn’t the first time an incident like this has happened. Folks who are having a hard time setting up their password should definitely call the customer support line from whichever brand they bought. As we can see, it’s better to invest a few minutes to risk having a wireless signal get hi-jacked.

Photo Courtesy of Francisco P.
Photo Courtesy of Malingering