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T-Mobile iPhone Before The Merge?

According to Boy Genius Report, Apple is testing an iPhone model for the T-mobile network. As shown on the picture, the iPhone indeed does look like it works on the T-Mobile network. Of course, if the AT&T acquisition does get passed, T-Mobile customers will get access to the iPhone either way.

Still, if consumers can their hands on the shiny apple device sooner, I’m sure they wouldn’t hesitate to make the leap! The white iPhone seems to have a model number labeled N94. The model that run’s on Verizon’s CDMA network is called N92, while the AT&T model number is N90. The device is also shown running what seems to be the next version of iOS. There are some noted differences however, such as the unique proximity sensor shown on this T-Mobile version.

There are also other factors that show this device to simply be a testing unit, not intended for public use just yet. Maybe AT&T is getting ready for the big move? In either case, T-Mobile customers who’ve always wanted an iPhone but haven’t been able to afford the hefty price tag of many of AT&T’s wireless plans, should be excited for this bit of news, assuming it is true. Check out the video below to learn more about iPhone’s greatest features, and let’s share the excitement about this device coming to T-Mobile customers!

Photo Courtesy of Digital Trends
Photo Courtesy of Dansays