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AT&T Offers “Cell Tower In A Suitcase”

AT&T is now selling small, portable cellular antennas that allow corporations and government customers to provide their own wireless coverage in remote or disaster-struck areas. Instead of relying on cellphone companies to restore services after natural disasters, police and emergency personnel would instead be able to reset the mobile towers, prioritizing areas that need help the most.

The portable cell tower will be packed in a briefcase (not pictured) with a separate satellite dish needed. The unit does require outside power, so it would be best to couple the device with a generator in the event of an emergency where there is no power.

The individual network is called the Remote Mobility Zone and can handle 14 calls being made concurrently as well as data speeds. Coverage will extend up to half a mile from the unit and the portable cell tower can be mounted in a car or a truck. AT&T will also have smartphones that “talk” directly to the satellites. The Remote Mobility Zone can be used with any AT&T phone. The units will range from $15,000 to $45,000 with additional monthly fees. We are glad to see AT&T step up to the plate with this technology and expect it to be very beneficial both in emergencies and for businesses that are located in poorly covered areas.

Photo Courtesy of StrangeLibrarian
Photo Courtesy of Ryan Donahue