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Want A Personal ATM In Your Home For Less Than $50?

Have you ever cared to see what a “piggy bank” might look like these days? Don’t worry, there is no reference to Angry Birds here! It looks like this generation of kids will get a significant amount of ATM depositing and withdrawing experience with this new “Personal ATM.” The Personal ATM (as the name hints), works very similar to a bank’s ATM.

There is one feature, however, that proves to be a bit more useful than a real ATM. Users will be able to set a target date or a target amount of money, so you won’t be too tempted to splurge your savings. Of course, whatever money you have in that machine will not generate interest, unfortunately.

It is a cool solution to all those kids out there looking to be a little more “like daddy.” The Personal ATM comes with an ATM card, a modifiable PIN code, an anti-theft alarm, a calculator, and a time/date function. For $44 you can make your kid feel a bit more like an adult, at least until he or she gets a drivers license! Take a look at the video below to see the 2007 version of this Personal ATM.

Photo Courtesy of Technabob
Photo Courtesy of Gliko