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Turn Your iPad Into A Full Sized Laptop (Video Proof!)

Do you sometimes wish that you had a keyboard that easily attached to your iPad in order to type that long essay at the library? Maybe you just wanted to make chatting with your friends just a bit easier without slamming your fingers on glass? Logitech has come out with a brilliant solution to these potential problems, the Logitech Keyboard Case. For $100, users will get a full keyboard that allows you to use your iPad in either portrait or landscape mode, coupled with Bluetooth technology.

The accessory also comes with a layer of aluminum to ensure that your screen doesn’t any scratches. This Logitech case will turn your tablet PC into a “convertible.” A convertible is a tablet that can function as a notebook when you want it to, or a tablet when you don’t. In today’s world of having increasing options with every device we buy, consumers are enjoying the option of transforming their mobile tablet into a laptop, although not the fastest, it still does serve the majority of computing needs.

I think convertibles will really take off when the processors get zippier, the RAM gets tacked on, and users have a “real tablet” that can be converted to a laptop on a moments notice. Until then, business professionals should be pleased to get extra use out of their iPad investment.

Photo Courtesy of iPhoneHacker
Photo Courtesy of S4squ4tch