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Added Privacy To Facebook Sharing?

Facebook has now added one step of privacy to the FB application. Users can now “Send” content to specific groups on Facebook rather than everyone on their friend list. The company explained in a blog post that this will allow users to share specific content without it being seen by undesired parties. Facebook informed the community that the new Send button will be available on 50 partner website including Orbitz.

The company also announced that since its launch six months ago, users have created over 50 million groups on the platform. Facebook also mentioned a deeper integration between Facebook Questions and Facebook Groups–enabling users to ask questions to members of a particular group. Users will also be able to upload entire photo albums directly on their group.

How would you like to share content with a specific group on your friends list without the information being seen by everyone? Does it sound a little more, private? I’d like to see more options like this integrated on the Facebook platform in the future. I am not a big fan of having everything shared, especially given the distinction between best friends and acquaintances.

Photo Courtesy of Robert Scoble
Photo Courtesy of a_sorense