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ATTN: Busy People, Here’s How To Speed Up Your Gmail

Gmail has announced a new feature yesterday aimed at making Gmail go faster for you. According to its blog, Gmail noted that one of the most common delays when it comes to its email service occurs after hitting the “Send” button. I use Gmail on a daily basis and have noticed the “few-second” lag that sometimes occurs.

Users are now given the option to enable a feature in Gmail Labs called Background Send. It works as it sounds, it will send your e-mail in the background after you hit send so you can do other stuff, like answering the next e-mail and so forth. You can even send multiple messages in the background at the same time, although I think that scenario would only occur if you are sending e-mails attached with large files to other recipients.

If there is any error in sending the e-mail, a warning will occur at the top and will not “go away” until you decide to fix the issue. I have not yet tried out the feature so I cannot speak about its efficiency, but it sure sounds like a nice feature! What do you guys think, will this make a difference for a busy person?

Photo Courtesy of Halil G.
Photo Courtesy of Halil G.