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Cover Entire Lakes With Solar Panels

The majority of our planet is made up of water but is there a way to harvest solar energy through water? Although logic may be telling you “no”, the answer is “yes.” SPG Solar has updated its floating solar technology, called Solar Floatovoltaics. The technology is designed to work in an irrigation pond, lake, or other body of water and is priced competitively compared to “regular” ground-mounted solar panel systems. Besides “saving physical space”, users will find minimized algae growth in the water (due to the water being covered, preventing sun overexposure). The technology is designed to last twenty years.

The CEO of Far Niente Winery is currently using the technology and stated in his press release that “We looked at several configurations for our solar array, but they all involved taking out a significant amount of our vineyard, which was not an attractive idea. Finally my partner, Dirk Hampson, suggested we find a way to put the panels on our irrigation pond. After interviewing several companies, it turned out that SPG Solar’s sister company, [Thompson Technology Institute], had developed the technology to float an installation on water, and we provided them with the opportunity to try it.”

Photo Courtesy of Ernst V.
Photo Courtesy of ZD Net