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Introducing The One And Only, Air Piano

The airpiano is a truly innovative piece of technology. Essentially, it is an electronic instrument that a musician plays simply through hand gestures. A gentle wave of the hand produces beautiful music. The airpiano is completely programmable and the keys can be configured as tones and as faders for sound filters and volume.

The airpiano was first introduced in 2007 and the third video shows this prototype in action. The beautiful hands-free instrument is now available for sale. The stunning device represents the first musical instrument that allows for intuitive and touch-free interaction. Rather than staring at a screen for user-feedback, musicians will be able to play the music they know and love simply and effectively through the airpiano.

The airpiano’s keys and faders are not displayed on a screen, but rather, on the airpiano’s surface. The performer can then adjust his or her hand movement by looking at the air piano and has full control over the quality of the audio produced. This is one of those blogs where you MUST see the video to get an understanding of the pure genius involved with this piece of technology. Truly Phenomenal!

A New Instrument – how it works from Poseidon on Vimeo.

Jo Hamilton – Alive, Alive from Poseidon on Vimeo.

airpiano – controlling Ableton Live from airpiano on Vimeo.

Photo Courtesy of AirPiano
Photo Courtesy of AirPiano