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According To A Nielsen Survey, Android Beats iOS

According the the Nielsen Company’s monthly surveys of U.S. mobile consumers between July through September 2010, consumers had a preference of the Apple iPhone over the Android smartphone. At that time, iPhone (33%) beat Android (26%), with RIM BlackBerry at 13%. According to the latest figures from January 2011 through March 2011, 31% of consumers now prefer Android, with Apple tagging along at 30%, and RIM BlackBerry down to 11%.

While Android is only “winning” by a single percentage point, note the sudden trend. If Android continues to please its followers, and Apple consumers continue to think “bleh, it’s alright”, I expect we will see a much larger gap between Android and Apple by Fall of this year.

What started as a smartphone trend following seems to have turned to “what device is easiest to use and causes the least problems?” Besides a few Android commercials, Android marketing has remained relatively small compared to Apple’s desperate strategy, “If you don’t have an iPhone, well, you don’t have an iPhone.” I will be even more curious to see what the survey looks like next year when the iPhone 5 craze will simmer down. I feel we are entering a new era of mobile computing and although innovative in design, Apple might not have what it takes to make the cut. In terms of functionality and reliability, which would you choose?

Photo Courtesy of Robert B.
Photo Courtesy of LaughingSquid