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Windows 8 Metro UI (Leaked Video!)

Thanks to a recent leak of the Windows 8 build 7955, alexerax showed us a video that demonstrates the Metro user-interface. The video displays the basic setup of a wireless network in the upcoming Windows 8. It seems like Microsoft will be incorporating its design language across many Microsoft products and with this video, we are able to catch an early glimpse of the software!

Although Windows 8 is far from public availability, this leak adds to an exciting laundry list that has accumulated over the past weeks. We are currently expecting Microsoft to launch Windows 8 in late 2012, hopefully for the Christmas rush.

Others expect Windows 8 to be available by 2013, but with the way information continues to get leaked on the new operating system, I doubt many will want to shell out money for “old news.” At the rate we are going with leaks, we will know the operating system inside and out before it even hits the shelves. Microsoft really needs to keep its employees on a shorter leash, although I do admit that I enjoy the leaks! Will the upcoming Windows 8 be something that you’ll look forward to? Let us know some of your thoughts below!

Photo Courtesy of smsm
Photo Courtesy of Imilyas