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American Airlines Offers First App For Nook Color

The Barnes & Noble’s Nook Color eReader received an update this week that allowed the ability to run apps, check email, and act a lot like an Android tablet, and less of a boring eReader. There will also be third part apps offered on the Nook Color, with American Airlines being one of the first. The airline has its app available on the Nook Color. The app is already offered on other Android and Apple devices, however remains a novelty on the Nook.

The application will allow the user to check flight notifications, view flight details, check status and schedules, access mobile boarding passes, and monitor standby status. What’s more is the app will also allow users to track their AAdvantage accounts and enroll in the program. If that didn’t already sound spectacular, some other features include terminal maps as well as Sudoku for those moments when you are looking to kill some time.

Rick Elieson, managing director of American Airlines Interactive Marketing stated, “We know it’s increasingly important for customers to have useful travel tools when they’re on the go, and making our app available to NOOK Color customers is another step in our efforts to give customers what they value.” Will this new app cause you to fly with American Airlines more often, or is it just one of those “ah, that’s nice” applications? Take a look at the commercial below to learn more about the Nook!

Photo Courtesy of Orb9220
Photo Courtesy of Kjarrett