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Apple Prepping For The iPhone 6 Already?

According to The Tech Journal, Apple is already getting ready to manufacture LCD screens for the iPhone 6. The screens will be made in Kemeyama Plant No. 1 in Japan, in an LCD TV factory. The screens will be produced through a low-temperature process that makes use of poly-silicon LCD screens, allowing for a thinner and lighter design for iPhone 6 in 2012. Why Apple is preparing for a product two generations in advance, I do not know.

My best guess is that Steve Jobs discovered a better LCD screen too late for it to be implemented in the iPhone 5, and therefore is prepping for the iPhone 6. We are currently expecting the iPhone 5 to hit the shelves later this year, most likely in September, to make the Christmas rush. The iPhone 5 will look similar to the iPhone 4 but will contain a wider screen and Apple’s A5 dual-core processor. The poly silicon technology (p-Si LCD) contains a thin film transistor screen made of polycrystalline silicon, enabling display drivers to be mounted directly on the glass substrate.

It seems like Apple is not yet considering organic LED displays, at least not for next year’s iPhone. It looks like Apple and Microsoft aren’t too different from one another, after all. Both companies push out products way too fast without doing enough testing. I have a strong feeling that there will be many hardware problems with the new iPhone, as with previous rushed models. Well, I am with Droid, so there isn’t much to worry about for me!

Photo Courtesy of Igor
Photo Courtesy of ianus
Photo Courtesy of TheTechJournal