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Fake Mobile Anti-Virus Scanner On The Loose

There is a mobile anti-virus scanner on the loose that is posing as a cure-all for malware, but is in fact the exact thing it is supposed to fix. The program reports that it has identified two threats in the cellphone of the victim and pretends that is has encountered an error while trying to fix. The program then provides the user with an error code as a reference to the error scenario. Before this all happens of course, a user will first launch the “scanner” to be displayed a friendly user-interface.

The message is written in Russian and asks the user to check the phone for viruses with a a “yes” button. The program then pretends to do a scan, and writes “Checking files…” During the scan, a crash sound is played in the background. The scanning progress bar then translates the following message:
After few seconds of “scanning”, the sample displays a message that translates to the following:
Trojan moby | C: \ sys.log
RebBrowser | C: \ sys.ini

Once the user opts to remove the supposed “identified threats”, the message says, “An error was detected! Error code: 07931020.” This is usually a trick in where a bogus contact number is displayed, asking the user to call a phone line for further assistance, which is where the fraud begins. However, in this version, no contact number was given. In conclusion, this is likely just a virus designed to frustrate consumers, and not to steal money. Don’t you love bored programmers?

Photo Courtesy of RebelSciences
Photo Courtesy of VivekR