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Hacker Steals Info From 70 Million Users On PlayStation Network

We’ve been covering the Sony situation with Geohotz, all the way through to the threats of the Anonymous hacking group, to the downtime of the Sony PlayStation Network. Sony would now like to inform you that an unauthorized person has stolen the personal information of 70 million users of the PlayStation Network. The following information has been stolen: name, city, state, zip, country, email address, birth date, PSN password and login, and screenname. Sony is also leaving the possibility that credit card information was also stolen.

Sony recommends that users be very wary of any offers, deals, or requests through e-mail or mail that request personal information. If you game on the PlayStation Network, you are now on the list of likely victims of identity theft. Sony recommends changing the credit card associated with your PSN account.

While it’s much more difficult and impractical to change your address over this incident, concerned users would be best off switching to a new e-mail, if possible. The fact that the PSN was hacked in the first place is inexcusable, but there is not much that can be done after the fact. Sony warns people who use the same password for multiple accounts, to change the password immediately on all other accounts. While I am an Xbox Live gamer, I feel sorry for all the PlayStation gamers out there and wish them the best with this matter.

Photo Courtesy of MousyBoyWithGlasses
Photo Courtesy of Joey Yen