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Microsoft Has Gone Phishing

Microsoft has announced a security alert for Xbox Live today. The alert warns gamers of possible phishing attempts through specific messaging features in popular gaming titles such as Modern Warfare 2. Microsoft stated that they are aware of the problem and are working hard to resolve the issue. The company also sent out a standard apology for an “inconvenience” this has caused and thanks gamers for their patience.

The phishing warning comes on the same day that Sony announces stolen information of 70 million PSN gamers. It looks like the gaming industry might be under attack! Hopefully the phishing alert was announced soon after discovered and that no gamer had his or her info stolen. The Xbox360 is currently the most popular selling console in the United States, possibly due to its most competitive pricing in the advanced graphics console genre. Microsoft also announced back in January that the company has sold over 50 million Xbox 360 consoles worldwide since launch.

The company currently has over 30 million active Xbox Live members that regularly play multiplayer. If you’ve experienced anything strange on your favorite xbox games, please contact Microsoft immediately and let them know so they can better address affected titles. You will be doing your gaming community a service!

Photo Courtesy of DrDemento
Photo Courtesy of Matt Brett