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Power House Laptop Please. Would You Like 3D With That?

Samsung rolled out an all-new powerhouse laptop dubbed the SENS RF712 (not pictured). The laptop is meant to satisfy your toughest clients, and comes with the latest and greatest second generation Quad Core Intel CPU as well as a high powered AMD HD6650M Video Card with 2GB of VRAM. Other specifications are rather impressive but not state-of-the-art.

While we’ve seen many of the true high tech laptops carry solid-state drives, this laptop is still on a 7200RPM hard disk drive. It does however, come with 750GB of internal storage which should be more than enough to store all your Blu-ray movies and HD videos. The laptop also packs a Blu-Ray/Recorder and Samsung Fast-Start as well as Power Plus battery technology.

The display is a vibrant 17.3″ Super Bright LCD Screen that provides a brightness rating of up to 400nit (even on 3d). Samsung is going to first launch this product in Korea, and most likely continue sales in Europe and the United States. In a world of options, does 3D matter to you? I’ve never really been a fan of the cheap plastic sunglasses, then again, I’ve never been that impressed with 3D. Is it as hot as all the hype?

Photo Courtesy of LGEPR
Photo Courtesy of Victor R.