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Turn Your Older Powerbook Into A HTML5 Machine

If you are like many Mac owners that have older Powerbooks that run on PPC (Power PC) architecture, you’ve probably noticed that your laptop isn’t what it used to be for handling harder applications. What I mean is, that although your powerbook can still work pretty well for emailing and web browsing, it has a hard time handling HTML5 and CSS3 while many browsers have left PPC architecture behind. Even Mozilla’s Firefox 4 has dropped support for the PPC architecture.

If you haven’t already replaced your older computer, you might not have to. Now there’s a program called TenFourFox that takes Firefox 4 and works with OS X 10.4 and OS X 10.5, with precise builds for each PPC processor. This equates to Firefox 4’s Javascript engine, WebM video support, HTML5, and CSS3 to work well on your older Mac.

Again, if you haven’t already ditched your mac in a cornfield somewhere, definitely download TenFourFox and let us know what you think! We’d also like to hear from you down below in our comments section of how your machine is running overall. Drop us a few lines of your computer, model and year, and how it is performing? It’s always great to hear from system owners.

Photo Courtesy of Raneko
Photo Courtesy of MacUsersGuide