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Ultimate Private Browsing Through Chrome

I know there are a lot of people out there who are supporters of Google but aren’t too fond of the amount of data that is being stored by them. Google loves information, I think that’s a well known fact. Well, fortunately for all you users who seek a bit more privacy in your lives, listen to this. Google’s Chrome browser will be getting an option that will ensure Adobe Systems’ Flash Player isn’t getting “in the way.”

Web sites often store details about a user through cookies (small text files) that record details such as usernames, browsing history, and advertisements that have been seen. Unfortunately, due to previous storage methods, even if a user deletes his or her cookies, the web site can still reconstruct particulars from the Flash data.

Thankfully, Adobe is going to take care of this issue with a beta of Flash Player 10.3 that allows browsers to delete all the data. Chrome will be soon getting a checkbox that takes advantage of the feature. Users can delete this data through Chrome by clicking the Wrench, going to Tools, and Clearing the browsing data. The user will then have to check the box that says “Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data.” Support for Firefox should also come soon, however, the company has not said anything yet on the matter. Learn more about cookies from the video below!

Photo Courtesy of Carlos M.
Photo Courtesy of UofSLibrary