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How To Make An Un-Hackable Password That’s Easy To Remember

Researchers from the Max-Planck-Institute fur Physik komplexer Systeme and from Axioma Research have devised a new method that allows users to create passwords that are harder to hack but easier to remember. To achieve this, the researchers combine nonlinear dynamics and chaos to create encrypted p-CAPTCHAs, or password-CAPTCHAs. The best part of these passwords is that you only have to remember a portion of your password and the Java applet does the rest!

Here’s how it’s done. First you would have to break your password down into two parts using the Java applet(these two parts would constitute the simple part and the complex part.) Then you would jot down the easy part of the password and let the Java applet create a CAPTCHA of the hard part. The final result is an encrypted p-CAPTCHA . Whenever you would launch your application, just enter the easy part of the password, the p-CAPTCHA would display on the screen, and from that point you would interpret it and enter what the image says, allowing your file to be completely decrypted.

Now, when you create the “easy” part of the password, you can still make it difficult to guess. The p-CAPTCHA is generated through “chaotic evolution” that creates a chaotic lattice state based on complicated mathematics. Even if a hacker managed to pull up your CAPTCHA, it would be highly unlikely that he or she would be able to correctly interpret the image. The researchers said that their method will be readily implemented on a wide variety of existing computer systems and believe the technology to be a step forward to better protect data. In these times, protection is key.

Photo Courtesy of Didier Jansen
Photo Courtesy of Lydia
Photo Courtesy of KK+