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United States Army Launches Own App Store

Less than a week after announcing Android as a test phone, the US Army has just announced that they will launch a service called Army Marketplace, that will be fully operational in August of this year. The store is currently a restricted website but the army is working a storefront app for smartphones.

The Army Marketplace currently hosts 17 Android Apps and 16 iPhone Apps, and we can’t wait till they hit their 100th app mark. Soldiers can even put in requests for apps they’d like (uh oh) in hopes that their wishes get put into production. For example, if a soldier wanted an application that talked about limitations of certain weapons, he or she could post a description on the Marketplace forum and the Army would start a bidding or contracting process from interested vendors.

The app would then be available to soldiers via the marketplace for a useful download. The reason why the Army had to create its own app store is because many applications that are currently available are not certified to access the Army’s intranet and secured databases. That’s right, IT’S CLASSIFIED, soldier! Current iOS and Android apps can seek certification, but the process can often take upwards of a year to get clearance.

Photo Courtesy of Cloudfront
Photo Courtesy of USarmy