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The All-In-One Keyboard, Perfect For Home Theaters

The tech company, Genius, has created a perfect keyboard to turn your desktop computer into a home media center. The QWERTY keyboard is called the LuxeMate T810 Media Cruiser and combines three devices into one. The keyboard can act as a wireless remote control, keyboard, and a mouse, all in one package! The keyboard is equipped with a dual-way wireless 2.4GHz technology that allows users to control a Home Theater PC from a distance of up to ten meters away.

The device also has an anti-interference function to prevent its communications being “confused” by nearby electronic devices. This keyboard would make the perfect addition to any home, and for $89.99, you’ll get a keyboard that is completely compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 OS, as well as having backwards compatibility with Microsoft’s Windows XP Media Center Edition, and a Vista OS hotkey function.

This is definitely the keyboard for you if you’re like most people, hoping to get maximum value from each computer accessory. The keyboard of course plugs in through a USB key, allowing you the freedom to bring your keyboard with you. I see this as a valuable feature when one seeks to use the keyboard to work an Internet TV. Simply bring the keyboard to the modern television, pop in the USB key, and type from your couch!

Photo Courtesy of GeekyGadgets
Photo Courtesy of GillyB