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Amazon’s EC2 Cloud Crash Loses Data, Permanently

Amazon’s recent EC2 cloud service crash has permanently destroyed some data. Fortunately, the amount of damage is minimal compared to what could have happened, but in any case, this should have never happened. Amazon has not yet given a complete explanation on what has happened from the crash. I am sure that many people are perplexed as to how Amazon could have lost data, after all, it is hard to imagine such a large company making such a mistake, even though we are all only human on the surface. According to BusinessInsider, Amazon had sent a letter to a big customer explaining the permanent loss of the customer’s data. The letter reads:


A few days ago we sent you an email letting you know that we were working on recovering an inconsistent data snapshot of one or more of your Amazon EBS volumes. We are very sorry, but ultimately our efforts to manually recover your volume were unsuccessful. The hardware failed in such a way that we could not forensically restore the data.

What we were able to recover has been made available via a snapshot, although the data is in such a state that it may have little to no utility…

If you have no need for this snapshot, please delete it to avoid incurring storage charges.

We apologize for this volume loss and any impact to your business.

Amazon Web Services, EBS Support

Another Amazon user by the name of Chartbeat, had to inform clients that approximately 11 hours of historical data was permanently lost. The message went on to say that Chartbeat’s development team is hard at work to limit the impact of future AWS interruptions. It’s a shame that data loss like this had to happen, especially with a platform as large as Amazon. The key take-home message of this incident is to always “carry a spare” when it comes to anything, no matter who you are in business with! See the video below to learn about Amazon’s EC2 crash last week.

Photo Courtesy of ComedyNose