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Apple Takes Another Step In Cloud Direction

After our recent blog about Apple’s upcoming cloud service, we have new information that Apple has made a purchase in the Cloud industry. Apple has purchased iCloud for $4.5 million which could be an excellent foreshadowing of future success. Although it has not been officially confirmed by Apple, GigaOM reports that Xcerion may have sold the iCloud.com domain.

Hopefully this gives us a clue that Apple will provide us the cloud music platform we crave, sooner than later! A music subscription or storage service from Apple could cost $20 a year, and the iCloud could also play a role in the traffic and navigation application.

With an Apple cloud, consumers would be able to play their iTunes selection wherever they are via the Internet.This is cool for a number of reasons, first you won’t suffer from the “I forgot to sync my iPod” situation. The second cool aspect of an Apple Cloud is that you won’t even have to worry about sync’ing your iPod with iTunes because you’ll be able to pull music directly from the cloud (yes, I had to say it twice!). We are living in an age where consumers are trying to break free from constraints, and a sync cable represents one of those constraints. We want to be able to computer, whenever, and however we want, options abundant. Take a look at the video below to get a better feel for iCloud!

Photo Courtesy of Dolphinaura
Photo Courtesy of JanneM