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Control And View Your Fridge, Remotely

Okay, so we know that televisions and computers have gotten “smarter” over the years. But what about basic home appliances like ovens and refrigerators? Alright, so we don’t have “smart” ovens yet, but we may have just what you are looking for if you’re in the market for a new fridge.

LG is introducing a new Smart Refrigerator that allows users to continually receive updates on their smartphones and tablet devices due to a Smart Manager application. You will be able to control the refrigerator’s power efficiency from a remote location and choosing between the following power modes: late night saving, preferable time saving, and Smart Grid-Ready. The fridge is also equipped with a touch screen interface that delivers recipes based on the refrigerated contents!

If this wasn’t cool enough, the fridge displays handy information such as weather reports and the latest news. The fridge also shows you your ingredients through your smartphone while you are out grocery shopping, including how much time you have left on certain items before they spoil! While this is already super cool, I have to admit that I am sold on the auto-generate recipe thing. We don’t have any information on pricing or availability just yet, but I sure hope that those recipes come with ratings and reviews! Take a look at the video to see some other uses for this smart fridge.

Photo Courtesy of Asurroca
Photo Courtesy of Aeternitas