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Forget 3D. Go For A True 5D Experience

Sharp has just created a massive video room that is made up of 156 LCD screen displays at the 5D Miracle Tour in the Hui Ten Bosch Theme Park In Nagasaki. The room is made up of 156 units of the PN-V601 60-inch LCD monitor configured in five surfaces; a front wall, ceiling and floor (36 monitors each) and left and right walls (24 monitors each).

Since the LCD screen frame width is relatively small between adjacent monitors, visitors who enter the room are surrounded by a true viewing experience. A hidden image transmission system controls all of the LCD screens to provide visitors with a 5D visual experience of images and photographs.

The 5D Miracle tour opens on April 29th, 2011 in Japan. Vibrant, life-like details are displayed from the cohort of monitors. Visitors who enter the room, get to watch an eight minute story based on a mermaid legend from Saipan. I do not live anywhere near Japan, but this seems like a great event for all ages. For kids, I can imagine this visit would provide lifelong memories to recall and talk about.

Photo Courtesy of GeekyGadgets
Photo Courtesy of PicPinky