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Google Apps Charges Businesses Over 10 Users

Google is changing the way it’s doing business under the rule of Larry Page, and it wants you to open up your wallets. Google will now be charging for Google Apps for Business to make it more attractive to small businesses, charging a $5 per user, per month plan that is comparable to Microsoft’s pricing plan. Google also lowered its paid service entry level from shops with 50 users to 10, in an effort to attract more of the small business ‘market’.

Page realizes that although Google brought in $29 billion last year, only a tiny fraction of that large number came from Google apps, whose paid version had cost $50 per year, per user. Customers can now also sign up online for the $5 price plan without entering into a contract. Google believes that this new price plan will aid small businesses, who’s costs often fluctuate. The Google service is also likely to compete and win against Microsoft’s new Office 365 suite which is in beta and will cost customers $6 per user, per month.

So when exactly will Google charge you? Google will charge its customers at the end of the month and have flex billing and debit payments. Additionally, upfront payments will be removed, drawing new customers. Although Google Apps is free to groups with 10 users or fewer, additional users will accrue a charge. While many people might not think this is fair, Google will use the money to invest in better products and services. Play the video below to learn how to use Google Apps.

Photo Courtesy of JohanL
Photo Courtesy of DannyS