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Google Shells Out 16K To Fix Bugs

We just got news today that Google had paid out a record $16,500 to developers in order to plug 27 Chrome Web browser vulnerabilities, and paving the way for Chrome 11’s launch. Chrome 11 includes a few perks such as speech input translation in addition to a stable channel for Windows, Mac and Linux. The patches were fixed after the Chromium development community members found a bunch of flaws with the latest application. 18 of these holes were rated “high”, 6 of them were rated “medium”, and three were considered low risk. Google rewarded most of the individuals for their discoveries. Google paid between $500 and $3,000 for vulnerabilities such as:

-Medium-risk lack of thread safety in MIME handling ($500)
-High-risk corrupt node trees with mutation events ($1,000)
-High-risk use-after-free in DOM id handling ($1,500)
-High-risk dangling pointers in DOM id map ($2,000)
-High-risk possible URL bar spoofs with navigation errors and interrupted loads ($3,000)

The “bug hunters” get paid through the Chromium Security Rewards program, which allows developers to earn some money while making the platform a better system. In total, Google has paid out over $100K of rewards since launching the program last January. Not a bad way to earn some money for hard work! If only every company treated its employees right, we’d be living in a paradise!

Photo Courtesy of HedrinBC
Photo Courtesy of GinaT