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iPhone 4 Production Gets Cut In Half

Apple supplier insiders provided some vital information yesterday that supplier Pegatron had been asked to dramatically scale back production of CDMA iPhone 4 models. The Taiwan supplier had been originally asked to produce 10 million iPhones, but received a significant reduction in orders, cutting it down to five million. This goes against Verizon’s prediction that they would sell 11 million iPhones this year.

Analysts believe that they have been cut back for the iPhone 5, which is expected to arrive this September. Steve Jobs is expected the iPhone 5 to be a hit, and doesn’t want to produce anymore iPhone 4’s than are really needed, is my guess. Others speculate that Verizon’s estimates were based on the iPhone 5 alone.

Although I do not know the numbers that are involved with a Christmas rush, I think getting ten million verizon iPhones by Christmas is possible. The 50% cut in production will no doubt hurt Pegatron’s business. Hopefully, a spike in Chrome netbooks would be enough to offset the decline in mobile sales, but even if it doesn’t, I can wager that there are plenty of companies that are much worse off in this economy. It Looks like Jobs is getting ready for the new iPhone, are you? Take a look at the white iPhone 4 unboxing in the video below!

Photo Courtesy of ChrisD
Photo Courtesy of RenaTomitra