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Light Up Your Computer For Under $15

Many of us are on our computers for extended periods of time. PC Gamers fall into this category. I sometimes find myself playing for hours in a row. Now, gamers around the world can make their home setup just a little bit cooler with Antec’s new Soundscience Halo 6 LED bias lighting kit (not pictured). The company states that this type of backlighting which is also used on some models of HDTV, helps reduce eye strain, lessen “image contamination” due to glare, and increases image clarity by creating a “halo” of white backlight behind computers.

But let’s be real, you’ll mainly be buying this LED kit because it looks cool! The lighting adapts to your computing experience. For example, from watching a movie, the lighting levels change. The Soundscience 6 LED concept uses a USB-powered LED strip that runs almost 15 inches in length and hooks up to the back of your monitor.

It works by shining its light on a nearby wall or flat surface the monitor is near. The strip can effectively backlight any monitor 24 inches or under and the brightness can even be calibrated to help increase a monitor’s perceived contrast ratio. This enhances the perception of black levels, colors and picture detail by enabling dark adapted viewing. You can purchase this kit for $13 USD from the company and major retailers. The kit comes with a two year warranty.

Photo Courtesy of FunWithFred
Photo Courtesy of MattSeppings