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Malicious Tweet Masked As Lady Gaga Video

If you enjoy the social platform, Twitter, be on the lookout if you choose to use the application today. The anti-virus platform, Sophos has warned that users have been receiving fake invites tempting Lady Gaga fans to have a look at a “banned video.” Users who follow the link will be pointed to a fake YouTube spoof page that will ask for all their twitter details. Those who proceed will have their tweets controller by Spanish-speaking scammers, as reported by a number of victims.

It seems like we are approaching summer time in the U.S., for all the reports that have been spread around about viruses, worms, trojans, and scams. Although there is always that kind of crap floating around on the Internet, perhaps the warmer weather is triggering bored coders to create and distribute malware in hopes of some pre-summer entertainment. Comically, Lady Gaga considers herself as the Queen of Twitter. Perhaps this scam was created to spark a bit of irony with her statement. Take a look at the video to see what her fans are so crazy about. Yeah, I couldn’t find it either.

Photo Courtesy of Fumi
Photo Courtesy of Natala007