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Let Your Phone Determine Which TV You Should Get!

When it comes to placing anything in your home, people often find it cumbersome to get out the measuring tape and often times having to ask a friend to help measure. Why can’t there be an easier solution? Well it looks like Panasonic has figured one out, at least when it comes to finding the right size television set for your home.

With Panasonic’s VIERA AR Setup Simulator, users simply use their cell phone to place the AR marker on the spot where they want the TV to be and then look at it through the iPhone’s camera. The television will then appear over where the AR marker is and allow the user to catch a glimpse of what his or her room would look like with the television in place.

Users can even walk to different angles to see how the TV would look like from the side. What’s more, users can choose from a wide selection of TVs, so they can figure out what kind of display would look best in their home. Let your phone decide whether a 55″ would look better than a 46″. Users will even be able to save the images with specified angles for later viewing or to share with friends. You can download this app for free from the App Store today. Take a peak at the video below to see this app in motion.

Photo Courtesy of HighTechDad
Photo Courtesy of JeffG