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Windows 8 Online ID Through Cloud Sync -LEAK

Even though Windows 8 is set to launch in 2013 or 2014, we have already seen a large number of leaks. While it is cool to see what Microsoft is working on next, all these leaks are sure to take the entire novelty aspect away from consumers. Maybe this is a secret strategy on Microsoft’s part, educating us over a span of a few years about the next Windows so we all hop on it like a German Shepard lunges at a slab of steak. If this isn’t Microsoft’s strategy, well, then they are complete newbs, which I have to leave open as a possibility given the relatively recent release of Windows Vista.

In any case, to add to the laundry list of leaks, we have discovered some more information about Microsoft’s Online ID integration. It appears that Microsoft is building a cloud settings synchronization system in Windows 8. An out-of-the-box experience dialog screen shows the Windows account options setup screen that allows Windows 8 users to link their Online ID to the computer or create a local account.

The dialog box shows the following:

-Personalized settings for Windows
-Personalized experiences for your programs
-Automatic sign-in to your websites and programs
-Easy online password recovery if you forget it

Microsoft should have a copy of Windows 8 available for the Windows Development Conference in September. If Windows 8 does get released in 2014, at least we will be able to assume that it has been thoroughly tested and that consumers will be purchasing a reliable copy of the new OS. Hopefully the Vista mistake has been permanently etched in their minds.

Photo Courtesy of RobertScoble
Photo Courtesy of LaughingSquid