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The Acer Aspire G3100 Predator, Scared Yet?

Acer has just unveiled its new desktop gaming PC. This powerhouse is called the Aspire G3100 Predator and is fueled by an AMD processor. While most modern computers run on Intel processors, AMD is no lightweight contender, especially when it’s the Phenom II hexa-core (six core) processor, as is in this beautiful machine. The machine comes stock with 4GB of RAM but is upgradeable to 8GB of RAM.

There is also a 1TB hard drive. Users can upgrade to 6TB of hard drives (3 x 2TB HDD), but few people will need that much storage. Housed within the machine is a DVD player, a GeForce GTX 640 1GB graphics card, a multi-in-on card reader, Gigabit Ethernet, and optional USB 3.0. The Aspire G3100 was build for the modern gamer.

This is the perfect machine for someone just getting into computer games, or someone who enjoys video editing on his/her machine. I’ve been a fan of Acer for a number of years and believe them to make excellent products. Not to mention that I am currently using an Acer monitor to type this blog! Definitely check it out, the Aspire G3100 Predator is available now and prices are started at 649 pounds, or about $962 American.

Photo Courtesy of IT Review
Photo Courtesy of MuyComputer