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Sony Summarizes TV’s History In 60 Seconds; A Must See!

Many of us are used to seeing that stereotyped commercial that shows a product, maybe briefly covers some of that product’s key features, and then “sell” you on the product. Many of us have even grown to appreciate the creativeness that often comes with these types of commercials. It’s not just about the product or its features anymore, it’s how it relates to our lives, or how cool the commercial seems.

Television commercials reach billions of people each day and while they all range in the quality and delivery of the message, they each leave some type of impression on the viewer. Sony is redefining our concept of a commercial, and perhaps giving a greater meaning to its company as a whole- always staying ahead. In the commercial below, you will see the history of television summarized in exactly one minute. No, this isn’t some sort of time lapse. The commercial is very well done and starts off with the TV in 1960.

Throughout the forthcoming years, Sony has personalized the TV viewing experience. In 1968, Sony brought the vibrant color experience through its Trinitron color TVs. Still today, Sony continues to innovate through the entertainment industry, adding features such as 3DTV technology, Internet, DVR, Google TV features, and designs featuring Gorilla Glass. I think I’ve said enough on this matter, now watch the darn video!

Photo Courtesy of MSK
Photo Courtesy of D76