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EA Games Announces Need For Speed: The Run

I’ve never been a fan of the Burnout series but have heard many gamers say it was good. I have, however, been a huge fan of the Need for Speed series. While the NFS series has fluctuated in quality from game to game, it is still a series I would always give time to evaluate. I wasn’t much of a fan of the Need For Speed: Underground series. My two personal favorite games of the series were Hot Pursuit 2 (the PS2 original and the 2010 remake) and Most Wanted. Those two games brought the best cars, the best action, the best cop chases, and the coolest maps out of the entire series.

NFS has just announced that they will be releasing a new game, coming November 15th, called NFS: The Run. EA says this will take gamers on the “race of their lives” which makes me think it will be more like Most Wanted and less like NFS: Carbon.

The Run will incorporate the Autolog feature which will allow friend-tracking and matchmaking for online multi-player fun. Expect this title to ship on every major video game platform, and who knows they may even throw a pre-order discount like they did last year with the Hot Pursuit 2 remake. Definitely take a peak at the teaser trailer below to see more!

Photo Courtesy of ToastForBrekkie
Photo Courtesy of AhhYeah