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Let This Gadget Find Music For You, For Free

What I am about to say is no secret, we live very busy lives. Although there are excellent Internet radio solutions like Pandora out there, people will notice that they are often bound to a particular channel, not literally of course. It is just that when you are hard at work, it’s not very feasible to “play DJ” and switch back and forth through particular channels on a platform such as Pandora. The new RM50 is an Internet Radio that brings a modern influence to a traditional FM radio. For about $160, you’ll be able to access a multitude of music stations, news stations, local, and specialist radio stations.

Before you let the somewhat steep price turn you off, please not that there are absolutely ZERO subscription fees, or fees for any kind for that matter! The device works through your Wi-Fi connection and picks up old school FM channels, or new stations you never even knew about.

The RM50 searches the Internet trying to find the best station and can search by name, theme, genre, or region. This opens up both the amount of stations available as well as the variety available to you, as a listener. Again, all channels are free, and with an internal hard drive, your settings get saved internally so you won’t have to worry about reconfiguring the device every time you start it up. Although many will find this device pricey, it is perfect for the true audiophile or one who simply doesn’t want to shell out $36 a year for a Pandora subscription.

Photo Courtesy of WinArco
Photo Courtesy of ITEcho